How can I place an order?

You can order from our online store (instructions below) , call us on 0437 826 731 or drop in store. Step 1: Choose your favourite Millé & B Cake from our 'Order Online' page *Please note minimum 3 days prior notice is required for all whole cake orders. Step 2: Select your desired quantity, any additional extras and click the “add to my order” button. Step 3: Review your order on the right hand side of the page. If you'd like to pick up from our store, select a date on Tuesday to Sunday and time between 10am to 4pm. If you'd like your order to be delivered, select a date on Friday to Sunday and time between 10am to 6pm to proceed with the order ( Please note delivery will be between 10am to 6pm regardless of the specific time chosen on the order - please read our delivery T&C) Select 'Delivery' or 'Pick Up (Carlton)' Step 4: Click 'Checkout' and complete checkout as guest or create an account for quick ordering next time. Step 5: Fill in your contact details and choose type of payment. You can pay via Card on the 'Checkout' page or once you have submitted your order. Step 5: Ensure your order details are correct and click confirm order.
We require minimum 48 hours prior notice for cancellations.

How can I pay for my order?

​You can pay via C​ard during the 'Checkout' process on our website. If you placed an order by calling us, then payment can be completed via Internet Banking Transfer or Card over the phone. Internet Banking Fund Transfer Payment to be completed within 24 hours of placing your order with your name or your order number as reference.
Bank: ANZ Account Name: Mille and B
Account BSB: 013 332
Account Number: 2133 31006

Note: Interbank fund transfers from (e.g. Commonwealth, NAB, etc. ) may take up to 48 hours to complete the interbank process. We will only process your order when the money is successfully credited into our bank account.

When and where can I receive my cake?

We require 3 days of advance order for all our whole cakes, to ensure only the freshest is prepared for you. * If your order is less than 2 days, kindly call us at 0437 826 731 (10am – 4pm) to check availability as we do have limited whole cakes available everyday. For slices, our cake flavour available in slices vary each day. You can call us on the day or a day before to find out what flavour we will have. PICK UP: Our store is located at Shop 3, 28 Bouverie St, Carlton, 3053. We are located in the 'Winter Garden' (Entrance via 551 Swanston St or up the stairs located on the left of 28 Bouverie St) Our current *pick up hours are : Tues- Sun : 10am to 4pm. Mon : Closed *subject to change DELIVERY: We currently deliver to addresses within 20km of Melbourne Metro Friday, Saturday and Sundays (delivery charges vary depending on distance). All deliveries will be completed between 10am-6pm on the date of your order regardless of the time you've chosen on the order. Any questions, please kindly call us at 0437 826 731 during opening hours or email us at

How should I store my cake and for how long?

To ensure your cake remains in its best condition, it is highly recommended that it be refridgerated as soon as you receive it. Please store the cake in the fridge (1°C-3°C) We do not recommend keeping the cake unrefrigerated for more than half an hour. Our cakes are best eaten chilled from the fridge. For optimum freshness and enjoyment, we highly recommend that your Millé & B cake is eaten within 2 days of collection.

Can I have 2 or more flavours in one cake?

We only sell single flavour whole cakes. Slices of certain flavours (except Creamy Durian Mille Crepe Cake ) are available for purchase in-store at Shop 3, 28 Bouverie St, Carlton. You can purchase slices to make a whole round cake (between 10-12 slices) and the total price will depend on the slices chosen. For any special once-off events, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest updates.

Can I order a cake with less than 3 days notice?

Yes, it is possible however options will be limited. Please give our store a call at 0437 826 731 and we will see if we can organize something for you.

Questions regarding dietary requirements.

All our cakes contain gluten and dairy. Unfortunately we are not able to prepare them gluten free or dairy free. All our cakes contain eggs, which have been cooked to a minimum 75 degrees celcius. We use only pasteurized dairy products in our cakes. Only our macarons are made Gluten Free at the moment.

Can I order slices of cakes instead of a whole cake?

Slices of certain flavours (except Creamy Durian Mille Crepe Cake ) are available for purchase in-store at Shop 3, 28 Bouverie St, Carlton. You can reserve slices with payment by calling us at 0437 826 731 during opening hours (Tues to Sun, 10am-4pm)

Can you deliver to my address? How much is the delivery fee?

You can place an order for delivery on our online store if you're located within 20km radius from our store. All deliveries will be completed between 10am-6pm on the date requested (Delivery fee applies depending on address) regardless of the time chosen on the order. The delivery person will call you or buzz you door upon arrival , deliveries will be contactless and only to reception for apartment deliveries. Delivery fees are charged per delivery (no minimum order). Fees vary from $10 to $35 depending on address.
The delivery fee when placing your order with your exact address on the online store at checkout will be the most accurate. less than 2km : $10 - $15 less than 7km : $20 7km to 12km : $25 12km to 16km : $30 16km to 20km : $35 Please give us a call on 0437 826 731 during opening hours (Tues to Sun, 10am-4pm) to organize the delivery if you're unable to do so online. To order slices, call us or follow us on Instagram @milleandb to find our what flavours we have available in slices for the day.

** Please kindly note that re-selling of any of our cakes without our permission are not permitted.